Valerie Thompson

CEO / School Principal

I believe passionately in our school vision, ‘Excellence Through Teamwork, Success for all’, and am committed to facilitating the growth of effective, innovative and empowered teams of leaders, for these leaders then facilitate the very best possible level of the creative, engaging and personalized education programme and environment for our students.

With a B.Ed. from Liverpool University UK, an MA in International Education from Bath University UK and over 30 years’ experience working within the education sector, I have been proud to have been influential in guiding a generation of students through aspirational education programmes to real-world success.  Through a range of leadership roles in Cambridge International School, Dubai, followed by six years as Principal at Al Khaleej National School, Dubai, and then in 2012 taking on the role of Founding Principal of WSS, I have been so proud and privileged to see my schools, GEMS and thousands of students flourish.  Extensive experience of life in the UAE has given me a deep understanding and empathy for the challenges of global relocation, finding the right school for your child, and navigating the administrative organization required for admission.  We are here to help; come and meet us!

[email protected]