Parent Association and Partnership

Parent Association

Every GEMS school has developed its own engagement programme to suit the particular needs of their community. However, certain basics are expected from every GEMS school. This includes:

  • Recognising the central role of parents in the teaching and learning and process;
  • Informing parents of student study programmes in advance so they can offer support where necessary;
  • Providing the tools, resources and guidance parents need to support their child’s learning;
  • Receiving a minimum amount of face-to-face contact with teachers during the school year;
  • The creation of a parents’ association to help the school spread best practices to all parents.

The WSS Positive Parent Partners (PPP) team is a parent volunteer support group formed by a group of highly motivated parents who have students’ interests and school development at heart. The dynamic and engaged PPP is the interface between the parent community and school, serving as a platform where involved parents and the WSS management unite to enhance student achievement and improve the children’s learning experience, promoting education and physical well-being.

The WSS philosophy believes that a school community is only complete with parents’ meaningful engagement, and hence leverages the PPP to include parents in school improvement planning, activities and learning support programmes. The PPP works as a conduit between schools’ objectives and parents’ voice, welcoming parents’ feedback so the leadership team are able to make balanced, informed decisions.

WSS PPP believes that only the combined expertise of the two greatest institutions in the world, ‘school and parents’ can prepare our children to confront this complex world successfully.



Ms. Darshika Malkani.

Chairperson of Positive Parents Partnership.