Parent Testimonials

  • WSS is the best educational institution and my child loves the school. We as parents are satisfied with the efforts of the school management. Academically a very strong school. Teachers are very supportive and they take it upon themselves and make sure that the student is fully capable and have learned well the topic well.


    Mr. Muhammad Sheikh

    Parent of Muhammad Momin Sheikh, from Grade 4

  • I’m one of the first parents of WSS and I have an amazing experience with the GEMS, school management and teachers. It starts from Ms. Valerie school principal early morning greeting to the child’s end of academic year progress. I would highly recommend WSS because I like the tolerance, respect, guidance and patience provided by the heads, teachers and staff. With the current situation of remote learning teachers are putting so much effort in teaching the concepts to the students. During this pandemic situation there has been no compromise from school. Teachers are doing wonderful job, concepts are drilled in the students through classes, assignments, projects, padlet, phoenix classrooms and these platforms are so innovative and practical. Since students are on remote learning, teachers are main part of education and they are doing fantastic job. School communication about child’s progress, important notices or events with the students and the parents are commendable. WSS teaches students to be independent. Overall School structure from building to rules and to teaching everything is good, it is quite evident even during COVID situation school is practicing the best platforms to provide education and giving students best learning experience. 


    Mr. Umer Mohammad Munir

    Parent of Hamad Mohammad Umer, from Grade 7

  • Our 7 years journey at WSS has just been a stepping stone time and time again towards growth and achievements. 2020 affecting everyone globally yet WSS stood strong & held the children with such confidence & once again never let the children lower their inner strengths along with progress goals attainments & results all at their best. Heartiest gratitude, deepest appreciations, and wishes in abundance to everyone who has been a positive part of this commendable pillar of success. 


    Mr. and Mrs. Nawab Khan

    Parents of Aadil Nawab Khan, from Grade 9

Teacher Testimonials

"I’m a mathematics faculty with 18 years of experience in teaching. GEMS education has given me the privilege to prove and explore my skills in GEMS Westminster school, Sharjah. I have been working with GEMS Westminster school, Sharjah since 2012 as a secondary mathematics faculty and head of mathematics. GEMS Westminster School, Sharjah was launched in 2012 with the classes till grade 6 and have expanded till grade 12 (A levels) in 2018-19. During this journey in WSS, I have been guided by well qualified and experienced senior leadership team. Being a Head of department, I would be experiencing the opportunities to guide and support my fellow colleagues in every possible way. I have been nominated for Mariamma Varkey award for an outstanding and inspiring teacher from WSS in 2016-17.

GEMS Education, a very inspiring and motivating organization, where I got the opportunity to learn further, explore and innovate the ideas in my career. That was the turning point in my career. GEMS provide various professional development opportunities to encourage every single staff to grow further professionally. I Could show the good or better outcome in teaching and learning as well as in terms of leadership in all the previous GEMS reviews with the coordination and dedication of entire staff.

“Great teachers inspire great students and leaders”. GEMS Westminster school, Sharjah is the place we provide quality education to the students with creative and healthy atmosphere to staff. Got the opportunities to guide and train the students to appear for their IGCSE/AS/A level examinations and shown good outcome in their board results. I’m fortunate to have been involved in all the success we have come across as a team and an individual since 2012. The number of classes, strength of the students, number of faculties etc being increased. As the team flourishes with lot of leadership opportunities, It’s a great place to work with supportive senior leadership team, efficient colleagues, great administrative team, helpful support staffs.

I enjoy working with such a powerful team. Also, It’s such a great experience to lead the department of mathematics successfully with dedicated team members. Proud to being a part of GEMS and working with GEMS Westminster school, Sharjah."

Sherin Ullas

Head of Mathematics

"I started my teaching career in MIDDLE EAST from 1998 and it was after working with three different schools in UAE, I joined with GEMS WESTMINSTER SCHOOL, Sharjah in September 2012 as a Science teacher.

It was in September 2013 I was given the post of Head of Science Department and it marked my professional growth at WSS. It was a time when we had only 6 teachers in the Science Department and from there we have grown into a Department of 24 teachers and 3 Lab-in-Charge, with departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Food and Nutrition, Environmental Management and Combined Science along with 3 Subject Leaders and a Deputy Head.

Each and every year we saw the hard work of each and every member of the school and the growth of school into excellence. We achieved the same with our TEAM WORK. The growth of school challenged our responsibilities which paved way for the professional growth. GEMS is an organization with scope for professional and career development. We do have professional development training programs organized by GEMS, both from in and out of school. Our Principal Ms. Valarie Thomson, Vice Principal Mr. Andrew Wilson, Sixth Form Head Ms. Sreeja Nair, Secondary Head Mr. Alfred Franklin and Senior Teaching and Learning Coach Ms. Anneka Reece has guided me throughout this journey.

Our Science results for the past three years in IGCSE is well above UK average and it is the TEAM WORK which enabled for such a tremendous progress.  Deputy Phase Leader and Higher Education Director are also the parallel posts which I am handling with. These many roles were assigned with me as I was equipped by them through the training and continuous guidance of all my leaders.

GEMS by all means ensures a protection for your profession and career. It enhances you to grow into a professional who can meet the international criteria. So, if by any means if you get a chance to work with GEMS, you can join without looking back. For me from a Science teacher to the Deputy Phase Leader was made possible only because I chose to work with GEMS and it has brought success by all means in my career."

Leena Sudeesan

Head of Science

"Being a part of GEMS family is the greatest experience that one could gain in one’s life time. It’s a privilege to teach in GEMS WESTMINSTER SCHOOL SHARJAH. Apart from being a teacher, GEMS also provides us an opportunity to grow ourselves as a professional educator and a leader, providing professional training and support to extend and Inspire lifelong learners who stretch themselves to initiate independent learning! GEMS WSS is the place where we all are given the opportunity to know and honor each child’s different strengths and areas to grow through differentiation and equity of lessons and materials. Apart from academics, the school served as a place for developing harmony among different cultures of the world. I, myself joined as a Secondary Biology teacher, had to face challenges which molded and equipped me to take up different responsibilities at School. The journey at WSS has transformed me into an Innovation leader which made me able to inculcate meaningful memories into the growing minds, through various activities like BLOOMS RACETHINK TANKE-MAGAZINESTEAM activities and so on.

An educator trains children while a GEMS Educator sees a genius in every child and trains."

Manju Solvin

Head of Innovation

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