Key Stage 5

Grades 11 - 12

Challenging students to find their identity as scholars, artists, leaders, athletes and scientists, K5 centres around the ‘AS’ Level programme of the UK examination board.

Thought-provoking work across all of the major disciplines, in tandem with plentiful extra-curricular opportunities, provides students with a level of flexibility that allows them to create a school experience that best addresses their individual requirements. This includes ‘Special’ Arabic (for Arabs), Regular Arabic for non-Arabs, and Islamic Studies (for Muslim students) for Arabs and non-Arabs. A Social Studies curriculum is also provided by MOE for Arab and non-Arab speakers.

Assistant Principal, Secondary

Sreeja Nair
Being a child of an Indian Army professional, I was privileged to do my schooling in various cities in India. The varied and multi-faceted experiences I had during my schooling in 7 different cities helped me to understand that there is no growth and progress without accepting the challenge and leaving our comfort zone!


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