Emelia Gomes

Emelia Gomes

Deputy Head Of Primary

My teacher once said to me, “I believe education is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.” Over the years while I was reflecting on career choices, I felt a strong calling to be a part of the education world, where I would have the opportunity to share my learning with young minds who are always eager to explore and create.

With this strong, personal vision in mind, I began working in a school in India after completing my B.Ed.

Over time I felt curious about the education systems in other parts of the world; I am open to change, learning new ideas and love to look at education with a scientific approach, so I moved to the Maldives and worked with MoE schools there.

I joined GEMS WSS in 2012 and I have learned so much along the way through being a teacher and a leader. I have had many opportunities to explore and engage with quality training, which enabled me to adopt outstanding teaching strategies and use the power of data to support further development. Seeing students develop various skills to make wonderful progress alongside their teachers who are gaining expertise in applying new techniques to bring out the best in students, is deeply inspiring.

My success as the Deputy Head of Primary since 2017-19 has been in motivating Primary students to develop positive character traits and a love for creativity and reading. I look forward to promoting innovative learning to prepare students for the future.

Teaching is a challenge and I am happy to be a part of this challenge!

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